Thursday, September 1, 2016

Let's talk about that real world, shall we?

I very often hear people talking about how unconventional folks should be living in the “real” world. But exactly how real is that real world? Those of us who are thinking people know, of course, that the real world isn't real at all.

It's a world, a society if you will, that we created for ourselves out of sheer nothingness. It truly does not exist, except in our heads, just like the worlds of those other people we criticize for their lack of conformity do not exist except in their heads.

This is where we pause for thought.

Because how many times in your life and mine have we been critical of someone, simply because they do not fit in this current society and are therefore living happily outside of it? How many times have we told someone to “get real,” “get with the program” or just “deal with it” because that's the way it is and the way it always has been?

But it's not.

It's not the way it always has been, that is. There was a time when humans roamed the earth as free and free thinking individuals, just like other animals would if we let them. True, that time was not perfect either. There were struggles. Huge ones. However, it was indeed very real. It was not based on anyone's idea of a perfect society, it was simply a natural life.

This entity that we call “real” society today is about as far from that first, reality based, more natural way of living as we could possibly get. We've even forgotten that we are animals, natural beings who thrive best in a natural environment. You know? The one we're rapidly destroying?

My point is not that we should go back to that first way of living. That would be impossible, barring being forced into it by massive annihilation. However, what it might be wise to do is to remember that the society we do live in is just as self created as the “fantasy” lives that non-conformists live. The only difference is that conventional society is a widely accepted fantasy life.


So maybe the next time you bash or giggle at someone's alternative lifestyle choice, you should remember that you are living an alternative lifestyle as well. Yours is just more popular.

So how about we all get our noses out of the sky and see things for the way they really are? How about we all get in touch with reality? How about we all realize that not everyone finds the “real” world of today to be either real or viable or even sustainable?

It's not, by the way. It's just an epic, mass brainwashing session, created to make life profitable for about 1% of the population. And they're laughing at us right now because we are happily conforming to it, just as they knew we would.


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