Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bernie is winning on Facebook and in public attendance, but (supposedly) losing. Why?

This is the face of integrity.

Bernie Sanders is plastered all over Facebook. Why? Because on Facebook, we have the ability to post the truths that conventional media doesn't tell us about. And yes, we look it up to verify authenticity. Or at least, I do. Can't speak for everyone, of course. Bernie is winning on Facebook because the people on Facebook (At least in my circle of friends) are smart enough to know that mass media is biased.

If all you listen to is the evening news or even the all day news pumped out by the same 6 corporations that own the news companies, chances are, you don't know Bernie. Mass media would have you believe that Bernie is radical and even crazy. And when they're not insulting him, they're down-playing him. In other words, most of the time, he is just plain invisible in their eyes. Air time for Bernie in the conventional sense is practically non-existent.

And that's a shame because Bernie Sanders is honest, trustworthy and does what he says. He votes what he preaches. He protests against injustice. He is truly of the people, by the people and most importantly, for the people. Bernie Sanders has a slogan, Us, not me. He lives that slogan. He is in this fight for all of us, not just for himself. That makes him a truly unique politician. He's not all talk no action like all the rest. He's a good man, through and through.

You won't hear any of that on the news, though. You also won't see the massive crowds of people that show up for his rallies and for the primaries all over the country. Because, you see, if all people, not just the ones on Facebook knew the difference between the size of Bernie's crowds vs. Hillary's crowds and the number of votes he gets compared to Hillary, everyone would know that something isn't right.

And guess who's on the speaking engagement payroll of the same large banks and corporate interests that own the news companies? I'll give you a hint. Her initials are HRC. In the old days, we would call that a conflict of interest. It wouldn't be accepted or tolerated. But these days, it's just business as usual. Yes, it's not only accepted, it's common practice. But not for Bernie, it isn't. Bernie doesn't play that game.

I am so thankful to Facebook for making me aware of Bernie Sanders and his fight to change our broken system, expose corporate/big bank greed and keep special interest groups out of politics. Because without social media, I would never have done the research and found out exactly what's going on with our government in the first place.

I know. Facebook memes and facts are not always accurate. But my point is that they are still a powerful catalyst for doing your own unbiased, independent research and keeping an open mind. The mind that mass media wants to close up tight for their own benefit.

Do yourself a favor. If you are truly concerned about who will be in charge of this beautiful country, get on social media and learn the truth that conventional media is trying to hide from you. Don't listen to mainstream news because it's simply not news any more. It's brainwashing in disguise.

Folks, Hillary and Trump are front-runners in the “real news” world because they cheat the system and thrive on sensationalism. It's not because they're more qualified. It's not even because they're more popular among the people. It's because mass media knows full well who lines their pockets and they intend to keep it that way. They will do anything they can to be sure that whoever is in charge keeps them on the top of the money chain.

Wake up, U.S.A., you're being duped. And worst of all, it's working.

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