Saturday, May 28, 2016

Facebook: Are you doing it right?

Are you doing Facebook "right?"
Well, that depends. What's right for you? And don't you get tired of articles that tell you what the best way to do anything is, anyway? I say we all have our own way of doing things. Facebook is like anything else we do. We all do life differently. And that's a beautiful thing.

People can be very judgmental on Facebook. They will tell you what to post, how to post it, when to post it and even how much you should be posting. They may even tell you how to live your life. I've written about that before too and my opinion hasn't changed. Don't listen to them. Post your little heart out if that's what makes you happy. Say what you want to say. Do Facebook as the individual you are.

In fact, even if you're using Facebook for business, you should always do it your way. Now, you may not hear that from the experts. It's just my opinion. But why would you want to work for/with someone who doesn't like the real you anyway? That only leads to trouble down the line. It's much better to be honest about yourself up front and on a daily basis than to spend a lifetime working for/with someone who thinks you're someone else, isn't it?

Now, the personal angle. What about me? I'm not just on Facebook to post cute pics of my grand-kids. Although, I do that from time to time. I'm on Facebook for a multitude of reasons. I'm not very social in person, for instance. So Facebook gives me an outlet to voice my opinions. I also use Facebook to promote my work, connect with like-minded individuals and as entertainment. Now, sometimes, those things get all mingled into one post. That's what I call the perfect storm post. LOL I enjoy those tremendously.

But make no mistake. I do not expect everyone to agree with me. Ever. On or off Facebook. And if I did, I would certainly be disappointed, wouldn't I? Because I'm pretty sure that there are no two individuals on the face of this earth that agree on absolutely everything.

Now, let's talk about you, shall we? You could very well (and likely do) have different reasons for being on Facebook than me. I'm OK with that. Do your thing. Be yourself. Post whatever tickles your funny bone, touches your heart or makes you think. Your page is about you. My page is about me. That's the way it should be. And only you know how to do life (or Facebook) your way. After all, you're the one living it. You know what works best for you.

Anyway, here's the thing. There is no right or wrong way to do Facebook or life or anything else. Different things work for different people. There are many, many types of Facebook users. Some just stop by from time to time. Some mostly play Facebook games. Others are politically oriented or work oriented. There are just too many kinds of Facebook users to list. And most people are like me. They just don't really fit into one category.

So, please, do Facebook your way. I'll do it my way. Bob down the street and Judy at work can do it their way as well. Everyone should do Facebook and life in their own way. Of course, you may not agree with me. You may feel there is a definite right and wrong way to do Facebook. And guess what? I'm cool with that too. Don't let me stand in your way. Preach it, sister. Let it flow! It's your page and your life. Go for it! Just as long as you don't expect me to tow your line, we'll get along fine.

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