Monday, May 2, 2016

Other animals are mere products now. Are we next?

Are we buying products or becoming products? There's a fine line.

We have successfully turned living beings into products/food/pets to serve our needs and we're next. By enslaving, possessing and using other animals, we have paved the way for others to do the same with us. Don't believe it? Think about our lives. It's already started, my friends.

People are consumption machines. Nearly everything we do/buy/produce turns a profit for someone. And when we turn a profit for ourselves, there is always someone wanting a piece of it. Not only that, we are being watched, monitored and manipulated to see that we consume and even behave in such a way to generate the most profit and thereby, give the most power to the powers that already be.

Cameras watch us just about everywhere we go. Our online presence and voice is carefully observed. (This has become evident in recent election tampering. If you were seen as liberally minded in some states, your party was electronically changed without your knowledge to prevent you from voting in the primaries in restricted states.)

Of course, it was said to be computer error. But someone has to tell those computers what to do, right? Surely they don't think we're that stupid. Or maybe they do, because there's so much more.

Our shopping habits are tracked through loyalty cards. Everything we buy goes into a data base, supposedly to better serve us. But isn't it really so stores can better see what makes us buy certain products? You bet it is. Because knowing our shopping habits helps them generate a larger profit.

When we “check in” with our phones, anyone can track us. In fact, if we have a cell phone at all, we can be tracked even without checking in. Not only that, most of our personal possessions are numbered and cataloged. We pretty much can't buy anything without it being assigned a number, observed, tracked and monitored.

We micro-chip our pets so that we can find them when they get lost and store pertinent medical information. Guess what? We're next in that respect too. There are already micro-chips in our credit cards. They tell us that it's for security purposes. That may very well be true. But we all know that it's also another way to track our purchases.

There are companies micro-chipping their employees for various purposes now. It's not a big step for our government to micro-chip us. They'll probably tote it as a convenient way to pay for goods and services or something of that nature. But of course, the “side benefit' would be better tracking and the elimination of the only untraceable commodity we have left, which is, of course, cash.

Plus, if we were all micro-chipped, then they could really see what we're doing, couldn't they?

But wait, there's more. Through mass media and government regulations, we are subliminally told what we should be eating, how we should dress and even how we should feel about everything in general. It's so obvious that many of us don't see it happening. We can't even trust conventional news media any more. It's full of lies and half truths. Not only that, it's clearly biased. And yet, many of us keep looking at the news as a credible source. And why is that? It's because that's what we've been groomed to do.

Our emotions are toyed with daily. We are told who to love, who to hate and what to be angry about. Worst of all, the media preys on our most powerful emotion; fear. People have been fear motivated since the days of the caveman. It's naturally ingrained in our psyche. Big banks/big business/big government and the media all know it. They use fear to their advantage. They even have the nerve to use our patriotism as a tool for hatred of other people. That way, they can wage highly profitable wars so as to steal the resources we need from other countries.

We are used to those creature comforts too, aren't we? And just why is that? Isn't it because someone makes a profit from them? Of course it is. The lazier we become, the more money big business makes. Heck, they even make money for being job creators, even though the jobs they create pay so little that people need government assistance just to survive. And once you're in that system, oh boy, is it ever easy for them to see exactly what you're doing. It's all checked monthly.

Even our medical history is up for grabs. And what a nice profit those pharmaceutical companies rake in by selling pills that cost a few cents to produce for hundreds of dollars. But we need them in order to live. They know that, thanks to our doctors who are reimbursed for prescribing them. And so, they make us pay dearly for them, don't they? Sometimes we pay with our lives too, although that's a subject for a whole other article.

Yes, people are already products, my friends. The powers that be have had plenty of practice through the subjection of other animals. We've bought into that as well and that makes a tidy profit for them too. So now that they know it works, they are taking on the manipulation of the human race. They are ready to use their fellow human beings as products for a profit, just as they have with other animals throughout the history of man.

And the saddest thing is, they'll likely get away with all of it. In fact, they already are. Why are we letting them? Because people like me (and I'm not seeing myself as special in any way, this is not about ego) but people like me who see this whole mess clearly and for what it is, are seen as conspiracy theorists. Plain and simple. Those profiting from all this know that we exist and they want you to think that we're crazy because it benefits them if you do.

But think on it folks. Is there a monetary benefit for me to tell you all this? No. None at all. But is there a monetary benefit for the powers that be to convince you that I'm some kind of whack job? Of course there is. Because if you don't listen to people like me, you'll keep right on being a profitable, compliant, subservient product. And that's exactly what big banks, big business, certain allied individuals and big government want you to do.

So, what is there that we can do to stop this? Not a lot. But there is one thing. It could work or it may be too late. We still have buying power and voting power, at least for now. They're the very things that they're trying to manipulate. That should tell you that those particular powers of ours are the key to stopping this madness.

If we stop buying into the false perception that wants are needs and stop putting people in office that pander to the powers that be, rather than standing up for all the people, we just might be able to stop this train. Might is the key word here, but don't lose faith. We have to try. Because, make no mistake, they want us to give up.

They want us to be submissive, ignorant, unaware and complacent. Because that's how they make the big bucks.

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