Thursday, December 8, 2016

Surviving the reign of social media

I'm serious, you guys. When I was first introduced to the wonderful world of the web, it was all fun and games. Well, that mixed with a bit of cursing at the learning curve. But now? Well now, if I'm on there too long, which could mean anywhere from10 minutes to 2 hours, it honestly makes me a bit nauseous.

In particular, I'm so tired of being inundated with commercialism on social media. I mean, I get that some web promotion is necessary these days. But must everyone be trying to sell something (even if it's only a plea for self-affirmation?) every second of every day?

And point proving has become an epidemic. Worse than that, people actually brag about showing others up and making them feel bad.

And does this sound familiar?

*If you scroll past this, you're heartless.
*Pass this on to 25 friends (in other words, annoy the heck out of them too.)
*Say Merry Christmas/Don't say Merry Christmas/Keep Christ in Christmas
*Wear this/Do this/Say that
*Share this to prove you're my friend

And on and on.

No wonder we're all so stressed out.

When did this all become normal and/or acceptable?
Also, when did we start thinking it was OK to spam, troll or bite the heads off of our friends for entertainment/profit or personal satisfaction/affirmation?

What ever happened to placing value on common decency, dignity and grace?

And what's worse?

I'm guilty of some of it myself.

Which is why you don't see much of me on social media any more. It's getting to a point where I'm just as nauseated by my own online behavior as I am the behavior of others. I'm now questioning my decision to participate in social media. At least the way the tone of it runs now, anyway. It just encourages such a warped mindset.

The reign of social media is changing us all. It's certainly nice to get to know people you wouldn't have met otherwise or keep in touch with/find old friends. Beyond that, though, it appears to have become a big bitch session.

I think I'll just stick to the friendly socialization part of social media from now on and cut myself off if things get ugly. I can auto-post my articles directly from my blogs anyway.

And by the way, I've never expected anyone to feel obligated to read my blogs. I just put them out there in case there's interest. I mean, sure, that's how I make money, from page views. But honestly, I want people to read my writing out of enjoyment, not because they feel guilty if they don't.

Oh, and if I feel like venting, I always have this Rants and Raves blog. It's better to put it here since it's not directed at anyone on a personal level. Therefore, there's not such a sting involved as there is in personal social media conversation.

So, that's how I'm dealing with surviving the reign of social media. How about you?

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