Monday, February 1, 2016

Breaking false societal branches

Bend with nature, not society!
There's an old Native American saying about bending in the wind with the branches. Many people follow it to the letter. Still, I think they're missing something. You see, I think that saying is about going with the flow of nature, not the flow of society. Especially when that society is presenting a direct opposition to nature. Like ours.

Our society is anything but natural. In fact, the further time marches on, the further man gets away from nature. This post is about those who break the societal branches, rather than bending with them when they're bending the wrong way. The wind is strong. Luckily, so are they!

I love those people! I love it when I see people spreading the truth. I love when people place doing the right thing above making a profit. I love when people risk discrimination and persecution in order to see that kindness and compassion prevail.

I love knowing that there are still people in the world who see that we are nature. That everything we do either works for the balance of nature or against it. I love people who see that we are all connected. I love when people realize that every single thing they do makes a difference to someone else.

And I absolutely love the sound those societal branches make when they snap and let the truth seep in. Because I know that our society goes against everything nature intended. I also know that the switch from natural living to societal living came about so slowly that it seemed natural. So slowly that hardly anyone noticed.

That's why most people are still bending with the branches of society, working for change within an impossible dream, believing the lies spread by those who profit from them and being unknowingly coerced into adding to that profit. They follow the well worn path blindly and without question. They don't know any better. It's what they've been taught to do.

Their whole life has been based on a certain set of rules since the day they were born. There's nothing natural about those rules. They're completely man-made. But they seem natural, because that's the way society has always been.

The branch breakers are trying to get through to these people. Trying to show them that there is another way. A chance for a brighter future. Trying to get them closer to nature and away from the corrupted system they are forced to conform to.

They're breaking branches all over the place so the light can shine through onto those who haven't seen it yet. And like most people who break the chain, or in this case, the branches, they are looked upon as strange or disillusioned. But in the end, of course they will prevail. Those who dare to work for positive change always do.

Conformists, on the other hand, only know one thing. How to conform. How to belong. How to follow the crowd. How to pander to those who hold the keys to their prison cell. The jailers are not giving those keys up, of course. Luckily, there's another set. But in order to find it, people have to open their minds to the truth. They have to become branch breakers or be broken themselves when the consequences kick in.

It's inevitable.

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