Saturday, February 6, 2016

Click it or stick it

No, I'm not talking about seat-belts. I'm talking about articles. They could be mine. They could be someone elses. The point is that if you don't click on them to see what they're about, you can stick your comments. You won't hear anyone else say this. I almost guarantee it. Because as a general rule, writers try to stay on good terms with other people. Otherwise, we lose friends and there's no profit.

But, and here it is, if you don't read the actual article, you really have no basis for your snide comments. You're just going by the title.

Titles can be deceiving, clever, humorous or sarcastic. They can be fact loaded and completely serious. They can state something you already think you know everything about. But you just might not know as much as you think you do.

So, #1 - Never assume you know what an article is about simply because the title suggests something you think you already know.

And #2 - For heavens sake, it won't hurt you to read something that doesn't reflect your viewpoint. In fact, you might actually learn something.

So, there you go. That's the main two reasons that I say, “Click it or stick it.” But that's not all.

Online writers work hard on their articles, just like conventional writers. The difference is that you don't have to actually pay for our books, articles, words of wisdom, etc. They're absolutely free for you. It takes about 2 seconds to click on them and about 5 more seconds for the ads on them to load. So please take 7 seconds out of your day to click on them. Because we don't get page views unless you do.

Heck, you don't even have to read them, I guess. Although you should, because us online writers have some pretty cool material out there. We're just asking for a seven second glance so that we can get a measly page view. FYI - It takes hundreds of those babies to make a buck.

And I get it. Not all the articles you see are worth even 7 seconds of your time. But how will you know if you don't click on them? And how will we get paid if people are constantly sharing but never clicking?

Do we appreciate the share only people? Of course. Because maybe someone else will be interested enough to click that article so that we get paid for the page view. Do we expect everyone to click on everything we write? Heck no. But a courtesy click here and there wouldn't kill you, would it?

Plus, it will give you the confidence to comment intelligently and appropriately, instead of sounding rude and uninformed. You're not rude and uninformed, right? So why would you want to sound that way?

Don't make me beg. Don't make me feel bad for asking either. And don't blame me for being put out by people who are rude to me in the comment section simply because they never read the article so they could get the gist of it before smarting off.

Anyway....It's 7 seconds, people. So click it or stick it. And don't get all bent out of shape. After all, it's just a clever title.

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