Thursday, June 23, 2016

It was never ours to take

This morning, I watched two videos of native people from two different countries who made it very clear that white folks took said countries by force. Those countries were already settled and therefore belonged to the natives. I understand fully that said white people have done this time and time again and without a whole lot of consideration for anyone else on the planet. However, I'd like to make a different point as well. And that is, that unarguably cruel and unjustified takeovers aside, countries actually belong to no one at all.

Land ownership is a human illusion. We are territorial animals and as such, we form an attachment to the soil we are born on, live on, watch our loved ones die on and eventually die on ourselves. It's a very natural response. I believe that particular animal instinct insures that we take good care of that which sustains us. However, we seem to have forgotten a few not so tiny little details.

The earth does not belong to us at all. No part of it belongs to us. We belong to it. And our current lifestyle is anything but sustainable, because it's simply too far removed from nature to be viable.

We are a part (and a very small part at that) of the great and astoundingly vast natural world. It's easy to forget that, isn't it? That's because, these days, we have separated ourselves so far from the natural world that we refer to nature as a separate entity from ourselves. 

How many times have you heard someone call themselves a nature lover?

Well, I hope you are too, because you are nature.

We agree and are saddened when Koko the gorilla says she is nature and begs us to save the earth but we have forgotten that we are nature too. Nature is not something we encounter through a trip to the mountains, a picnic at the beach or a walk in the woods. Nature is in us and all around us. We belong to it and we are a part of it, but we cannot own it because it's not for sale and never will be.

Oh sure, according to the laws of man and modern society, we can buy property, put a house on it, live there and call it our own. But when it comes right down to it, it isn't really ours. Folks, so many wars have been fought, so many lives have been lost and so many tears have been shed over possessing this bit of land or that. Isn't it time for us to evolve and realize that no matter where we live, it doesn't belong to us. We are simply a part of it.

Possession may be 9/10th of the law but it's not the law of nature to posses anything.

Ah, but here we are in this comfy little illusion. We feel safe in this fenced off universe we have created for ourselves. But the fences are neither safe nor real. So what can we do? We've created a monster, haven't we? And now, we have to deal with it. What a shame when we could have been happy and free and living naturally, as we were intended to.

There's no one to blame but ourselves. ALL of ourselves.

A wise man once sung, “All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see.” We really are dust in the wind, folks, along with everything we create and possess. So, how about we work on something that will endure? How about we adopt a mindset and lifestyle that will survive the test of time and help us all thrive in the future? 

A real legacy has nothing to do with ownership. A real legacy is about passing down natural truth, sustainable wisdom and a desire to do the right thing for all concerned.

It's time for us to evolve again. Let's get it right this time, shall we? The earth was never ours to take. Ever. It was ours to share. Unfortunately, sharing is apparently not something we're very good at. But perhaps we should work on that. You think?

Can you “Imagine all the people, sharing all the world?” I hope so. Because if not, than sooner, rather than later, there won't be anything left to share.

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