Friday, July 8, 2016

I don't do much raving these days, so....

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all sign a peace treaty?

Here's the thing, you guys. I'm in a frame of mind where I'm really tired of all the nit-picking and point proving that goes on in the comment sections on social media. It seems so agenda driven sometimes. So much so, that this blog is starting to turn an important corner. I'd really like it to be mostly raves with an occasional rant that suggests a positive solution, rather than just incessantly bitching.

People really don't need to engage in such negativity all the time. Oh sure, it's important to speak out against injustice. Bringing unpleasant knowledge to light inspires positive change. But once the knowledge is passed on, focusing on positive solutions becomes vitally important. And absolutely, positive focus can easily become complacency.

A healthy balance is what I'm seeking these days.

My goal is to speak up but not take it to the point where people stop listening. And I've stopped having those crazy, underlying venom comment conversations too. I make my point, if I have one, in a courteous manner. If I see that someone is a bit over the top, I just move on. It's simply not worth the loss of a friend or the negative feeling it leaves me with.

Of course, we cannot control what others say and do. And I have no desire to do so. I also have no desire to shove my point down anyone's throat. Their journey is their own to make. So most of my blog posts and comments have a lot to do with making peace. Naturally, some people even have an issue with that. Hence, the whole moving on part.

Projecting anger, anxiety, insecurity and hostility to prove a point just isn't worth what it brings you in return. In fact, what generally happens is that you get them right back, times a hundred. What's that clever, philosophical saying? You know the one. It's about peace being the only thing that has ever brought about positive change? It's so true, you guys. Be at peace with yourself, your fellow human beings and the universe in general. Example is really the only way to lead others to a better life.

Plus, smiling is good for you. We should all do it more!

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