Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stark raving happy!

Oh boy, you guys. Isn't this year's presidential race enough to make you un-friend your best Facebook friend? It's been driving me absolutely bonkers the way some people push my political buttons. Oh ya! But guess what? I have found the perfect solution and instead of being stark raving mad, I am now stark raving happy!

And the secret is, ta-da! I just don't talk about politics all that much on Facebook any more.

You know, just like in real life. In real life, I don't go around holding up political posters in my friends' faces or handing them DVD's to watch on my pet subjects. That would be ridiculous, right?

So, I got to thinking, why am I doing things like that on Facebook? You know, things I would never do in real life. Why am I so caught up in telling everyone under the sun how I feel about everything under the sun in a public forum? Isn't that just asking for trouble?

And why am I so upset about other people's opinions anyway? Especially people I have never even met in person. Which, because I network on Facebook, describes about 90% of my Facebook friends.

And most especially, why on earth am I wasting precious time on pointless (because neither of us is going to change our mind) arguments when I could be enjoying myself or at least writing about my opinion and earning a few bucks?

Last time I checked, Facebook does not reward me in any way for my opinions, even when I do “win the internet.”

So, you guys, I believe that from now on, controversial subjects like politics will play a minuscule role in my Facebook experience.

I'm also stark raving happy to be done with those endless comment wars and wearing myself and others down to prove a point. Now, I just say my piece and move on. Or I don't comment at all when I am not in agreement. Either way, though, I'm living a more peaceful existence, sans Facebook politics.

It's a beautiful thing!

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