Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why so critical?

Folks, you can probably tell by the rest of my recent blog posts that the outright animosity in the world has been on my mind lately. Why are we all so critical, intolerant and downright cruel to each other? What is the purpose of incessantly insulting each other like this?

I've noticed that there's also a lot of statistical point proving going on, especially on social media. Statistics have one fault, though. They leave out the way people in the minority feel. So what if 85% of a certain group are not victims? That doesn't mean the other 15% are not in pain, does it?

Kindness should be 100%, regardless of statistics.

By way of explanation, if someone was bleeding to death in the street would you refuse to help because that only happens to 10% of us? Of course not.

If only one person on the face of the earth was ever murdered, does that mean murder is not a problem? Because I'm pretty sure it was a problem for that person.

Every person's experiences matter to that person, regardless of statistics. Get it?

And my oh my, the judgment and blame gaming that goes on! Everyone wants to point fingers, rather than solving problems.

And the out and out rudeness! People seem to be proud of it, don't they?

Everyone wants to get the last word in, right? Everyone wants to prove themselves right, yes? That's supposed to make us better somehow, I guess. But what it really makes us is a bunch of conceited, self serving ass-hats.

And I have absolutely fallen into the trap a time or two. In fact, maybe, by being so critical of critical people, I'm actually illustrating my point. Who knows?

But I'll tell you what I do know. What I do know is that from now on, my journey is going to give acceptance and compassion a closer, deeper look. I'm going to make a concentrated- effort to be kinder, more understanding and less judgmental.

People are having battles I know nothing about. Everyone has struggles they keep to themselves. At least I know that I do. And the last thing people need on top of their already bad day is to be condemned, judged or berated.

I don't need to make someone else look or feel bad in order to prove a point or make myself look superior. I just don't. I'm much happier when instead of condemning people, I share my happiness with them so they can have a good day too.

Life is about making others happy, not miserable. Well, OK, maybe sometimes lately it isn't. But I think it should be. How about you?

Great! Now let's make it so, shall we? And while you're at it, do have a wonderful day for yourself because you're worth it!

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