Thursday, April 13, 2017

What to do when someone you love misrepresents on social media

Liars really test my peaceful path. I try to remember that peace comes from within, but....

We've all been there, right? Or at least I hope that I'm not the only one. Someone you love posts something about themselves, you or your family (usually, to make themselves look awesome) but it's a complete misrepresentation of the facts. Or maybe it's partially true, but not exactly. 

It's so very uncomfortable when this happens.

If you say nothing, you're put in the position of seemingly going along with a fabrication of the truth. If you speak up, it makes you look like a horrible person, even if you do it as gently as possible.

And it's very, very hard to do it gently, isn't it? I mean, here is this person telling all their friends something about you, themselves, your friends or family that simply isn't true. And you're stuck with either going along with it or telling all their friends they're a big, fat liar.

What a mess!

What can you do when this happens? Well, I honestly don't know.

I will tell you this, though. My recent path/quest toward a more peaceful life requires, no, insists that I remain silent and calm when loved ones lie on social media. For the good of all. But keeping the peace can really be rough in this particular instance.

Really, really rough.

And I must add that yes, of course we all know that Facebook presents our best face, simply because nobody wants to hear the dirty laundry of our lives. At least not in a public forum. We all keep some things to ourselves out of respect for others.

But folks, I implore you, do not post outright lies that put your friends and family members in the position of choosing between:

*Going along with your blatant lies
*Remaining silent, therefore confirming your lies as truth
*Calling you out on social media, thereby embarrassing you both.

You don't have to “tell all.” In fact, you probably shouldn't. But it certainly would be appreciated if you told the truth, rather than pretending you're Mary Poppins in the flesh or some other perfect individual that simply does not exist in real life. 

If not for your own reputation, at least do it out of consideration of your friends and family. You're embarrassing the hell out of them and putting them in a very uncomfortable spot. They're not liars but you're forcing them to either go along with your lies or humiliate you in public. You know?

Ya, that's all I have to say about that.

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