Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cecil the lion justifiably, yet ironically bemoaned

Aren't all animals special?
One injustice does not outweigh another. A tragedy is a tragedy is a tragedy. People are right to bemoan the loss of Cecil the lion. They are even right to insist his killers be brought to justice. What doesn't seem right, at least to me, is the irony of the situation. For Cecil is being bemoaned by folks who think absolutely nothing of killing other species by the millions daily.

As for me, I also felt the sting of Cecil's story and the horror of his fate. It's incredibly painful to even think of. Harder to comprehend the sheer cruelty and selfishness involved. However, I'm trying to create a peaceful existence by staying away from the kinds of thoughts I'm about to express. But this one? Well, this one I cannot let go.

You see, on the same day that the news of Cecil's demise broke, I happened to read an alarming statistic. Did you know that at any given moment there are, in the US alone, 3 times the other animals awaiting slaughter as the entire world population of human animals? Three times the world population! Why is that necessary, even if you do believe in consuming and using animal products? And remember, that's just in the US. Go ahead, look it up. It's the absolute truth.

I also read several posts by “animal lovers” that same day and in the following days, who were absolutely enraged at Cecil's untimely and violent death. Nothing wrong with that. I applaud them for speaking up.

Except that the majority of these very “animal lovers” eat the flesh of other animals, thereby calling for their slaughter on a daily basis. In fact, some of them actively practice the slaughter and enslavement of other beings at least 3 times daily. Huh. There's that number 3 again. Do you think there's a possible correlation?

Now, even the dentist who killed sweet Cecil will tell you that Cecil was special. There's no denying that. In fact, that's why he apologized for his behavior. Because this lion, among all the other lions, was a special lion who did not deserve to be killed.

Really? And were the other billions of animals put to death that day all over the world just not special enough? Were they not innocent enough? Who is championing their cause? Well, vegans and vegetarians, of course. You know, those nut-balls that drive you crazy all day with their Facebook posts asking you to think of the animals, the planet and the health and well being of human animals as well?

Why are these people shoving their “beliefs” down your throats instead of simply championing the cause of special animals like Cecil?

Could it be that they feel every single being on the face of this earth is just as special as Cecil?

Could it be that their conscience needs no brick to the head for it to formulate the thought that those other animals have just as much right to life as any other being, yourself and poor Cecil included?

Could it be that their vast research has revealed the truth about the role animal agriculture plays in planetary destruction and human health and they just can't ignore it and hope it will go away?

Why no, not at all. It can't be.

Because then, you would have to admit that the entire basis of our culture is based on using animals and that Cecil isn't special at all. He's just one more victim in the endless procession of animals being led to their unnecessary deaths daily by the supposedly superior human animal.

And that's too big of a pill for some folks to swallow.

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