Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Taking away my rights is no way to defend your own

This is how they actually used to salute the flag.
 If you want to tote the belief that this should be a free country, you must also understand that yours is not the only opinion or belief that should be allowed. There are other people living here who do not share your personal beliefs. They should be just as free to express their convictions as you are, whether they coincide with yours or not.

You may hear me say from time to time that I disagree with someone. However, you will never hear me say that they can't express what they believe. For instance, I make no secret of the fact that I detest Donald Trump and feel he has no business in the White House. However, you won't hear me say that he has no right to give it a shot.

I also find it strange when people dig up things to complain about and defend that aren't even happening except in their own minds.

For instance, the pledge with “under god” included and personal prayer are both allowed in schools, on an individual choice basis, at least here in Colorado. I can actually hear the kids reciting the pledge over the loudspeaker every morning from the public school that's a couple blocks away. I very clearly hear that most kids include "under god." My grand-daughter went to that school and has told me that both practices (prayer and the “under god” portion of the pledge) are options, rather than requirements now. Kids are free to do both/either as long as they are not required for ALL students as ALL students are not believers.

Another good example that hits close to home for me:

Those so called "pushy vegans and vegetarians" who shove our beliefs down people's throats. We are spreading the word about something that excites us and informing those who haven't made the connection that the connection exists. You are free to ignore us, believe us, do your own research, join us or come to a different conclusion altogether and continue doing things as you always have.

But please, do not tell us that we do not have the same right as everyone else to stand up for and promote our beliefs just because they make you uncomfortable or differ from yours.

Do as you wish, absolutely. But do not take that same right away from those who disagree with you.

You will notice that I never complain that people are telling me I shouldn't be vegan or vegetarian, even though I deal with this discrimination daily. That's because I feel that all people have a right to express their opinion, even when it differs from mine.

The issue I have, though, is when people tell me that I can't talk about what I believe in as well, protest against the things I don't believe are ethical or call me pushy when I do.

Going back to the first example, I also have no issue with kids praying or using the phrase “under god” in school, as long as it isn't forced on them. If you want personal choice, you have to allow it for those with opposing views as well.

Taking away my rights is no way to defend your own.

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