Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Facebook - Just another cog in the big wheel of societal illusion

We live in a society of illusion my friends. Facebook is just another diversion to keep us from realizing just how brainwashed we ALL are. We're not supposed to think outside the workings of our society and when we do, it's perfectly acceptable to call us anything from conspiracy theorists to mentally unstable.

Our society is broken. Purposefully so. We're convinced that the “other side” is always in the wrong and that our way is the only way, to the point where we can't see the forest for the trees. Truth is, the powers that be are all the same, no matter which side they are on politically. They have to be. Our government doesn't run this country any more. The banks do. The corporations do. And they will do anything they can to distract us from that fact.

We have become exactly what we were fleeing when we declared our independence.

We all have our pet causes but most of us fail to see the connections. And when/if it finally hits us that our capitalist society is nothing but a money-making scheme to benefit the super-wealthy, we are shunned like yesterday's news. Because heaven forbid that we have a thought of or express anything that challenges the system (that feeds those in power and makes criminals out of those who are less fortunate.)

Some of us are perfectly content to live our lives in an artificial comfort zone. Those individuals have their traditions, rituals and mundane pastimes. They occupy themselves so fully with the trappings of society that they have forgotten that said society (and all the other societies) are man-made and completely artificial.

We have gotten so far away from the circle of life and nature in general that we're not even a part of it any more. In fact, we are working so hard to conquer nature that we are jeopardizing our very planet and therefore our existence. And still, we banter on about things that don't matter. We toil away to line the pockets of the super-wealthy obediently, without a thought of why or of finding a better way. We have forgotten that we are natural animals, meant to live within the cycle.

We ARE nature! And yet, we insist on patronizing this broken, man-made, artificial system every minute, every hour and every day of our lives.

Oh, we talk a good game. Absolutely. We have good intentions. But the problem is the same as it always has been. We are trying to change the world within the same parameters that implemented its eventual destruction. That's not going to work, ladies and gentlemen.

We see things like people starving in other countries and mistakenly shrug it off because it doesn't impact us in the short term. We know that in our own country, we are running out of water and other resources, and yet, we continue to suck the earth dry to pander to our own immediate creature comforts.

Complacency is running rampant and that has become so very evident. On Facebook and in society in general, people who truly think for themselves are considered an enigma, a mystery and we just can't wrap our heads around anything or anyone that/who doesn't conform to what we've been brainwashed to believe is reality.

I see others refer to the “sheeple” daily. Problem is, they refuse to see that they, themselves are brainwashed fools in the scheme of things. We all are, regardless of our beliefs or origins. The powers that be want it that way. They also want us arguing among ourselves. It makes it easier for them to remain in control of everything we say or do.

They manipulated us subliminally in the past and now, well, now it's gotten to the point where we are so zombified that they don't even have to hide it. We take sides over everything when there really are no sides. We emulate ridiculous advertisements and their idea of who we should be. We are drowning in stereotypes, false traditions and overwhelming anger, all created by those who profit from it monetarily.

They manipulate patriots and the religious to their advantage, convincing them that the enemy is neither religious nor patriotic and therefore, evil. In fact, they have them so convinced of this that they believe the rest of us are the ones being manipulated, when the reality is that we ALL are. As for the rest of us, they take everything that appeals to our sense of self and what we have been told is right and use it to make themselves wealthier as well.

But the joke's on them, folks. Because they're not just killing us, they're killing themselves. Nature doesn't choose favorites. When the earth dies, we all die with it.

And getting back to the subject, Facebook isn't just a place to post pictures of loved ones, socialize, meet new people, network for business and get in touch with old friends. Maybe that's what it was meant to be in the beginning. But now? Well, now it's just another brainwashing tool for the super wealthy. A way to keep us busy while they take over the world and squeeze all the goodness out of it to amass their fortunes.

Because eventually, they use everything we do to their advantage, even seemingly innocent venues like Facebook.

It's inevitable at this point. Because 75% of us aren't even aware of it. The other 25% are unable to do anything about it because guess who makes the rules?

We are SO delusional.

But hey, who cares? Check out this funny video, dude. Aren't Republicans stupid? Aren't Democrats ridiculous? Aren't those liberals and nonconformists mental? I'll show them. I'll leave an angry comment and engage in a pointless argument with them for the next hour and a half. That'll teach 'em!

Facebook – Just another cog in the wheel.

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