Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Opening the horrific doors of a traditionally omnivorous society

Cows have friends and families!
Have you ever considered how you, as a human being would feel if another species became dominant over yours in the matter of fact way that we completely dominate and devalue other animals? I absolutely detest how ingrained animal use and abuse is in this primarily omnivorous society. It sickens me. So sometimes, I just get mad and have to let it out.

If you're vegan or veg, you'll probably fully understand this. If you're not and you're not open minded, well, you probably won't even try. I'm OK with that. To each his own and all that crap. Although, it would certainly be nice if you tried for the sake of the rest of the planet. But maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be OK with this:

Do you know that billions of land animals are bred and killed every year for human use? What a great life, right? Created for the sole purpose of being used/eaten. Being thought of as a product, not an individual. Billions of them. Billions!

Do you know that it's estimated the oceans will be devoid of life (fished out) in less than 40 years?

Do you know that there's no such thing as a humane animal farm? They all die sooner or later at the hands of humans who are OK with having the job of killing them. Plus, the horrendously painful yet routine procedures they endure without anesthetic on even the “humane” farms is unacceptable.

You realize that it hurts to have your throat slit, be skinned alive or be castrated without anesthetic, right?

You do realize that other animals have families, friends and lives independent of whatever we are using them for, right?

You do realize that when we take away calves or young goats from their mothers so that we can drink their milk, turn it into cheese or turn babies into tender meat products, the mothers grieve for those absent children, right?

You do realize that those babies need their mothers just as much as you need your mother, right?

But do you really think about it? Do you really connect with the harsh reality that other animals who feel the same things we do are being enslaved and tortured daily?

By eating meat and dairy, you are indirectly doing all these things to several hundred animals a year, even if you're the sweetest, kindest omnivore on the planet. Plus, an omnivore diet is a huge contributor to the destruction of that very planet. You know, the one that we depend on for survival?

Follow the links. Read the articles. Then tell me this:

If you're not vegan or at least vegetarian and you give even half a crap, what are you doing?

*How do you live with yourself?
*Why is this all OK with you?
*Why do you pay for it to happen?
*Is eating animal products worth the consequences?

I love all my friends, vegan or not, don't get me wrong. But loving them doesn't mean I understand how in the world anyone with a decent heart could do this or support this madness with a clear conscience.

I do know one thing, though. Prying open the doors that reveal the truth about what we eat is frightening. They cannot be closed. What's behind them is terrifying and cannot be unseen. The sheer volume of cruelty we humans perpetrate daily on other animals is beyond belief. It's heart wrenching. Maybe that's why so few people are willing to open their eyes, their hearts, their minds and do a little non-monetarily influenced research.

And maybe that's why those who do dare and care (like me) are so damn annoying to those who don't. Because we can't know these things and just let them happen. It just isn't in us to be that cruel, complacent and inconsiderate of the feelings of other animals and the fate of our planet. We have to speak up. Because the alternative is not only the death of billions of other animals yearly. It's the death of human animals too. It's the complete and utter extinction of every living thing on this planet.

Yes, it's that bad.

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